surnud puude tulevik

Ai mulle meeldib: Michael Kinsley, Washington Post’is (via Scripting):

Once, I would drive across town if necessary. Today, I open the front door and if the paper isn’t within about 10 feet I retreat to my computer and read it online. Only six months ago, that figure was 20 feet. Extrapolating, they will have to bring it to me in bed by the end of the year and read it to me out loud by the second quarter of 2007.

Ja teine jupp kah, mis puudutab tehno-arengu (vs tehno-haibi) kiirust:

Bill Gates says that in technology, things that are supposed to happen in less than five years usually take longer than expected, while things that are supposed to happen in more than 10 years usually come sooner than expected.

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