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Teaching Codecademy

This was meant to be a temporary post – so I could easily publish some notes during eTwinning PDW 2014 workshop… but as I didn’t prepare any slides I’ll keep it up so it can be linked into conference materials. AND it can serve as template to my next lecture, titled “Teaching young hackers” that I’ll present […]

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leaving old CMS hanging around is really stupid idea

When it comes to data I’m definitely packrat – and that’s a bad habit when updating websites. Yes, keeping old newsletter engine around so archives are accessible keeps linkrot under control but creates at the same time unpatched dungeons that nobody remembers about… and nobody ever updates, of course. While looking at a hacked WordPress […]

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moving data from MS SQL to MySQL, on OSX

When I have had to move data from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL I have used MySQL Workbench data migration wizard – well, presumably used, as there has never been enough time to document the process. But as I spent several hours today trying to re-build the setup and ended using RazorSQL (during last 15 minutes)… some […]

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