Tehnokratt 2006-11-25 with Steven Clift

Today’s Tehnokratt will be broadcast+podcast+skypecast with Steven Clift — live on KUKU radio, podcast on podcast.kolhoos and live skypecast here (and live public skype-chat here).

If you are new to Skype, then: download Skype 3.0 beta (includes public chat and better support for skypecasts than released versions), create username, then (supposing it is around 14:45GMT) go to Tehnokratt with Steven Clift skypecast page and join us, then open also live public skype-chat.

Broadcast is on air 15:05…15:58 GMT or 17:05..17:58 Eastern European Time, before that we will be testing.

ALSO: Steven Clift’s presentation audio from 2006-11-24 in Tallinn: Online forums – lessons learned and tips for success

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