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Steve Rubel The Center of Gravity is Shifting:

For sure the b’sphere will continue to remain the largest galaxy in the social media universe in the short term. It’s a major center of gravity that pulls people toward it. However, over the last few months a number other social media galaxies have rapidly risen to prominence. Take YouTube, digg and MySpace. These are just three examples, but they are drawing huge audiences. Richard Edelman is gushing over a fourth –

Tom Glocer The Media Model:

Our industry is facing a profound challenge from home-created content…. If we create the right crossroads, provide the consumers with the appropriate tools… we can harnass what otherwise from the outside would look like a punk revolution….

danah boyd Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace:

The dynamics of identity production play out visibly on MySpace. Profiles are digital bodies, public displays of identity where people can explore impression management. Because the digital world requires people to write themselves into being, profiles provide an opportunity to craft the intended expression through language, imagery and media. Explicit reactions to their online presence offers valuable feedback. The goal is to look cool and receive peer validation.

Frederick @ Security Mentor tsiteerib oma postituses Should you worrry about your kid and MySpace? MS laste turvalisuse vanemtootejuhi (!?) Linda Criddle soovitusi Seattle Times’is tuues välja kolm olulisemat punkti, ei hakka neid kordama vaid pakun jupikese näitest:

Criddle showed me photos taken from one girl’s page: One shows her sitting in front of her house, another shows the view from the porch. Pretty boring.

But look, Criddle said: You can see how old she is. There’s a school name on her shirt. A number on the house. A distinctive building, a street sign.

“Lose the house number,” Criddle said. “Change the T-shirt.”

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